Best Way To Learn PHP

Hi guys.

I am trying desperately to learn PHP. I have no programming experience, except with some beginner actionscript. I have the PHP Essential Training Discs, but I feel like I am doing nothing but watching a movie, and listening to some guy talk in a different language. I also have the actionscript discs, and those are different because the narrator has you open the actions panel and type out code. I’ve only done a few of those video tutorials but I already remember what was done because I had to type it out. So here’s my questions.

  1. Should I do the actionscript disc’s first? There’s three, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  2. Where can I find tutorials/video tutorials for PHP that do the same thing, allow me to type and follow along instead of just read whats been done?

I appreciate your help fella’s. If I can learn PHP I get promoted to salary at almost double what I’m making at my job now!

Frankie B

Try very usefull videos

I just searched PHP tutorials in google and followed them, but the real key to actually learning is not to follow the tutorial and then do another one. But to follow the tutorial then change teh code and give it another function or purpose so you know exactly what does what and why it’s done.

^ That’s what I was going to say. :expressionless: A perfect example of just doing the tutorials and not actually doing any experimenting or adaptation is BS. :lol:

Did anyone realize this thread is years old?

Yes, but I still felt like posting.

I thought esherido was joking about me.

Not really, actually. :wink: So you might want to take these guys advice too, BS.

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