Better Bandwidth

Okay. So I want to run a server from home - I like having a server at home… it’s AWESOME! But, sometimes (like now for instance), I have trouble loading anything from my server when somewhere else… partially (possibly) because of bandwidth, though I’m on DSL, and no one (supposedly) is using the connection right now… anyone know the best/easiest/cheapest way to get more bandwidth? Or to help improve my server’s performance?

To run a server, does one need a rack? Is there ways to run one within Windows itself? There has to be programs that does so.

dude i don’t know what Red MIrror Ball is tlking about ton the speed tests “yes the tests that apear to over exagerate” my upload was only 200kbs slower than my download DL-767

I work for a DSL company.
Upload is always crappy, compared to the download speed, because (generally) your average user uses more download than upload.

what about gamers

Believe it or not, my above statement is still true…

wow! you suprised me

Well, i think i’ve located my problem - seems that there are some people who want to download all my files at once… I looked at my Connected IP addressess, and requested files this morning, only to find one person downloading 6 books, simultaniously, and someone else getting 3. Which means I can’t connect to my server at all:frowning: Anyone know how I can limit the number of downloaded files to a specific IP? Like - if they’re already downloading one file, not to let them download another until the first is done?

Hmm… I think I may have to set-up a password system, and only give out access to certain people… I don’t really want to do that, but if I can’t even access my server… well… that’s not good… :frowning: