Bg color of a pull down menu

my ? is how can i change the bg color of a pulldown menu from white to lets say grey

The pulldown menu… is it a Flash UI component or did you make it…

if its a Flash UI Component, when you drag it into your movie it adds a folder to your movie called Flash UI Components. A half-cheating way to do it would be to go into
>Flash UI Components
—>Core Assets - Developer Only
------>Other Assets
---------->Bounding Box
This is a movie clip with a plain white square in it. Changing the color of the square will change the background color of your menu. WARNING - it is shared by other components as well. It may change the background of your radio buttons, list items, scrollpanes, etc.

To avoid this, or if you want to change the background color of just one combo box,
put in a line somewhere that says

myColor=new Color(myComboBox.proxyBox_mc);
myColor.setRGB(0x0000FF); // blue for examp

sorry, i was aiming for dreamweaver based pull downs

CSS commands exist to control such things, unfortunately the broswers don’t support all of them, including the one that controls the background color of form drop lists. As Henry Ford would have said, you can have it any color you like, as long as it’s white.

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**sorry, i was aiming for dreamweaver based pull downs **

lol thats funny. i found it actually. had to dig through crazy code and all cut n paste but i found it!!!

abzoid: With current version of Netscape and IE they both support the same CSS for background color chaning of form elements and drop down menus :slight_smile:

NS6 started the improvements and NS7 took them further. Lets just hope they keep on going with them :slight_smile:

Well, we can only hope but I’m not gonna hold my breath. :geek:
CSS 1.0 as defined by the W3C has only been in place since Dec of '96. (CSS 2.0 since May of '98) A this rate I figure they’ll get it all figured out in the next decade or two. :wink:

LOL, true. I use CSS all the time for color coding and font settings of my sites and they always work fine cross-browser. It tends to get that when you use advanced CSS like positioning and such that it becomes a compatibility issue. It sucks, but at least you can do some of the more important configuration of your site with it. I love my stylesheets :beam: