Big Freakish Printing

I wanna know what big big freak specified that when you want to print out specific frames then you must have a #p frame name. I mean you should be able to select frames. I mean like “PrintAll” or “PrintFrame()” and then specify which **** frame you wanna print. I mean is it really that hard?

All I wanna do is have frames printed, but only specific frame that the user wants. So I either print none, or all the frames labeled #p, many of which the user will not want. I hate printing in flash!

And text boxes! Theres another thing. Why in hell cant you print a dynamic text box if it has an instance name, I mean if its got something to identify it on the page then why can’t you print the **** thing!? Ooooh! I’m so frustrated!

Maybe the Macromedia Gods decided that people won’t really want to print out from Flash, just interact with it. And lo, they made it so that printing a screen from Flash was devilishly awkward, and the humble coder be plagued by the sign of #p.

I dunno. All I know is it took me long enough to figure out how to print, even with the aid of the manual, the Flash Bible and several online tutorials, none of whom agreed with each other.

I’ve stuck a zip of a simple kids game I wrote on here, and that does print out. Any help?

All those who think the person who designs Flash’s printing feature is a BIG BIG FREAK please raise your hand. Count me in.

Over here too.

Those files any good? It’s the only / best way I can figure out to print stuff.

Thank you very much for the files, Kit! You’re a doll!!

Yeah, well. :slight_smile:

I remember the nightmare I had printing. It was even worse when I had to print out whatever answers the game player gave, so the print movie changed every time and… Grr.

I’m still not completely sure how the thing works. Ah, no sorry. It doesn’t. That’d be the problem then. :slight_smile: