Big Problem, please help!

Hi there, well, I’m having a problem, please, first, check this:

tha swf is just a few components working with xml connector, a xml files, and stuff, it’s working nice, the problem comes when I call that swf into a xxx_mc clip into the main movie, please check here:

Remember, the first URL/SWF by itself works perfectly,
let’s see, in this URL you’ll see a big button insuperior left corner called ‘promocionales’, click that button and load a movie with a bunch of buttons, click in the first button called
‘llaveros’ and unload that movie and load the new movie with all the
xml connections stuff, if you try to use the ComboBox component,
you’ll see it’s not working, why this happens?, it’s because the stop
in the main movie clip?, I don’t know what else to do

another thing, I’ve a doubt and is this is this, in all the .FLA files, there’s a loader, actually the same one aplied to every .FLA file, but in the
llaveros.fla file I cannot make a scene, place the loader and then
‘play’ the other scene, because if I do this, then, in the section
with all the xml connector and components, nothing works properly, is
there any way to do this?, and the other doubt is, when I played this
llaveros.fla file by itself on Internet ( ), I’ve to wait for every
image to load, and the problem is an empty space, I was thinking in to
at least place a text with some ’ loading images… ’ or something,
or, place a loader, my question is, somebody here can help me please?, I need to havethis running by Monday, please, somebody help me…


If somebody need the files, please point to:

the files are:

flas.fla ( this is the main Movie )
productos.fla ( sub Movie )
promos.fla ( another sub movie )
llaveros.fla ( the movie with all the XML stuff, you’ll need the
‘promocionales.xml’ file I’m attaching here )


<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<promo name=“Llavero Metalico”>
<promo name=“Llavero Metalico Casa y Coche”>
<promo name=“Llavero Metalico Cuadrado”>
<promo name=“Llavero Destapador”>
<color>Azul, Blanco, Rojo, Amarillo, Verde y Negro</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Sphere”>
<color>Colores Varios</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Pluma”>
<color>Azul, Rojo, Amarillo y Verde</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Pluma Largo”>
<color>Azul, Rojo, Amarillo y Verde</color>
<promo name=“Llavero con Broche”>
<color>Rojo, Azul, Blanco, Amarillo y Verde</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Plástico y Metal 1”>
<color>Rojo y Azul</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Plástico y Metal 2”>
<promo name=“Llavero Plástico y Metal 3”>
<color>Plata con Negro</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Plástico y Metal 4”>
<color>Plata con Negro</color>
<promo name=“Llavero Triple Separable”>
<promo name=“Llavero Flexómetro”>
<color>Blancos, Varios Modelos</color>