Billy B's tut from new master's vol 3

If u have the book (New Masters of Flash Volume 3) then you can look and probaly understand more about what im about to jabber about :slight_smile:

i have managed to use his wise and wonderfull knowledge of page trasition navigation style thing to make my own seen here thats just a daft version but ne ways…

the book tells u how to create the navigation with 3 buttons but im wanting to create the same thing but with 6 buttons and i only just understand the codeing as it is. but what im realy trying to say is how would i make more buttons, i have a basic idea and am trying but i cant get anything to work yet.

thats the fla with 3 buttons so u can see wat im jibbering about.

if i wanted to add 6 buttons i would need to start adding statements for each page to skip the stops in the pages and which bit to goto after a certain page (which all confuses me >.<).
If someone cud show me the code for maybe 4 buttons??? so can see and then add the rest of the codeing myself for the 5th and 6th buttons maybe…

thanks for anyhelp people :smiley:

:p: :sigh: :confused: