Binding vars to Flex component

This might be a simple request, but I’m having problems finding a solution. I have states setup for my text color, and I need have the color values change based on an event. I thought I could just make a bindable var for the number associated with the color value but I get an error #1119.

“1119: Access of possibly undefined property selectedColor through a reference with static type module3_inlineComponent1.”

I’m assuming this is a scoping issue - that that my states are not in the same scope as the actioncript code where I define the var, thought its in the same MXML file. Here’s the pertient code:

[Bindable] public var selectedColor:uint;

private function loadLayout(index:Number):void {
      this.selectedColor = moduleXML.getSelectedTextColorAt(index);
      trace("color", this.selectedColor);

	<mx:State id="navState" name="selected">
		<SetProperty name="filters">
				<f:GlowFilter  color="#FFFFFF"/>
		<SetStyle id="sColor" name="color" value="[COLOR="Red"]{this.selectedColor}[/COLOR]" />
	<mx:State name="hilighted">
		<SetProperty name="filters">
				<f:GlowFilter  color="#BBBBBB"/>