Bitmap Tracing

Hello, after being inspired by the [ ]( site)site i looked at yesterday, today i tried my hand at something a lot simpler, but basically the same thing.

I am very new to this, i have no training so today i gave it a go.
Any positive constructive help will really be appreciated thanks.

If you check the attached .fla (in MX2004, if MX required no problem, can send) you’ll see how far i got - not very !
The problem for me was this : i was able to trace the Buddha image, and i have placed a block of color beind him which comes up. Great.
But i was unable to trace the remaining image and have another block (or two) slide up those. The remaining image seemed to just join up with the Buddha.

Do i need to make a new layer, seperate from the Buddha’s layer ? I want the Buddha to be one color, the jeep another color. I want colors to slide into their respective shapes…as you can see, i have it going with Buddha but nothing else.

Please let me know my failings ! and have a great day. thanks.