Bitmap transparency?

i’m making a menu (still…) and having a few problems. for those who know of my menu from other threads, i’ve abandoned my exploding fish and have opted for something much more reasonable. i’ve got a menu, it loads doing funky fade stuff and a fish (the one i was going to previously blow up) follows the mouse along it’s y-coordinate. so it drops down and pulls up along the menu options in accordance to the mouse.

the fish had to be special pasted in (whatever that means) but i want the fish’s backround to be transparent, instead of a big white box. help! see the attachment and test the movie if you don’t know what i’m talking about.

go into photoshop, fireworks, image editor program and select and delete the background, then save it as a .png file and import it into flash. you can even do
feathered/full alpha transparency where the edges fade off to nothing…

great, thanks!