Bitmapdata and motion tracking


I have two questions: The 1st is about motion tracking and the 2nd is about masking (or an effect that looks like masking).

  1. If threshold returns the total number of pixels changed in each instance then is there a way to locate the x, y coordinates of all the pixels that have changed color? I’d like to trigger a movieclip that will play at each of the pixel. This is in reference to the idea of “Ghostly Mirror” made in Java-processing by Cristobal Mendoza. I have only been successful in triggering a movieclip at a point by calculating the average height and width of the color rectangle boundary.

[SIZE=1]2) I’ve been looking for a tutorial that shows how to mask a certain colour in a movieclip similar to this except in real-time with a webcam:[SIZE=2][SIZE=3] #2 is solved : D[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

If you have any ideas or paths to suggest that I can take or start looking then that would be awesome. :azn: