Blank space before preloader - problem

i have recently uploaded my site which consists of one main swf movie with buttons loading external swf movies into one target area using the get movie action. each external swf movie has a very basic preloader on the first 16 frames. on the first frame i’ve used the ‘if frames loaded action’ and the last ‘go to frame’. now this all appears to be working fine, except when i view the site on normal dial up the preloader takes about 10-20 seconds to rear it’s ugly head, leaving a blank space and viewer unawear that the button they have just pressed has actually done anything. looking closer at these movies i realised that i had also placed an image on a different layer also starting at frame 1, so i moved this image to a frame after the preloader thinking this would speed things up but it didn’t make any major differance…
i am a relative novice at flash 5 an therefore only use the action script already
embeded in the basic action panel…
is there anybody able to give me a solution to this problem. check the site so see the problem.

my guess is that those first couple of seconds it’s loading the preloader ;), try taking all images out of it :slight_smile:

any other suggestions, as i have already tried this. thanks.