Blinking the window if it is minimized

I know everyone has seen IM’s that blink if someone sends you a message and the window is minimized to the start menu area. I am attempting to do the same for the IM I have designed for my site. Every 3 seconds the flash runs a php script to pull new messages. If there is a new message, the php script returns newmessage=1 In my actionscript, I have tried several things but cannot get the window to blink no matter what I try.

Here is what I have right now :

if(messageIn.newmessage == 1){

I have also tried
getURL(“javascript:self.focus();”, “_self”);
getURL(“javascript:window.focus();”, “_self”);

If it matters any, the window is a pop up from my site when someone wants to IM someone else. It opens the SWF directly instead of calling a URL that embeds the flash onto the page.

Thanks for the help in advance!