Blog/CMS system for Flash/PHP/MySQL

I put together a little system to try to make it easy for more people with Flash based websites to have a blog integrated into their site.

It also doubles up as a very basic CMS system, so you can create a Flash based site around the system that you can easily maintain using an admin interface.
No fancy stuff yet…but if you just need to have some text, links and images on a few pages that should be easily updated it will do the job.

Some features:
Admin interface for easy adding of text, images and links and moderation of user comments.
Included state management enabling deeplinking, bookmarking and use of back/forward buttons in the browser.
Accordion style display of posts by subject and post by month as well as multiple categories of external links.
Generates RSS 2.0 feeds.
User comments with gravatar support.
Can be set to resize with the browser window or be used in fixed size.
User can resize text using ctrl mouse scroll or +/- buttons.

You’ll need to have PHP/MySQL on the server to install the system.

I will add a script to output HTML to the system soon, which will be indexable by search engines with results leading to the correct page in your flash movie
Also planned is options to include a slideshow and mp3 player.

So it could be worth a look if you like to start blogging with flash, just need a dynamic text field that you can easily update using your browser or like to build a simple flash site with dynamic content and don’t want to have to code the whole admin bit for yourself.

Download it at:

Support questions is preferably posted at the link above as well to benefit other users.


its goood… thanks for your support

Nice, I have been wanting to make an XML powered flash blog, that would easily support images, and their properties (location, size, have the text around the image, instaed of underneath it (wordwrapping?)) But I always hesitate when I go and open up flash. I’m always like. OK, I want a whole blog system that has EVERYTHING integrated into it. I know I can do it… Where do I start? I’m afraid if I do one thing, I focus too much on that one task, and I don’t think about how I’m going to integrate it with somthing that I will make in the future.