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We are looking for writers for our website, Literary Illusions. Writers will be paid through Adsense. This value will be accumulated through ads that are placed on every article the writer has on our site. Rather than having our Adsense ads on your pages, your Adsense ads will automatically be placed on the website on all of the articles you write. You must have an Adsense account to write for us. You can get an account for free at

Literary Illusions is an information portal that offers news and reviews. Our combined portals get close to 500,000 page views per month so you will find that there is an audience who will be checking out your articles. Our portals are: Entertainment, Sports, Reviews, News, Opinions, and Kids. We need writers who are interested in writing on the following topics:

For Hotarazzi (Our Entertainment Portal):
-Music Scene News
-Movie/TV Spoilers & News
-Celebrity Pregnancies, Babies, Birth, Rumors, and Kids
-Teen/Tweens News & Commentary (We need someone who is rather Snarky for this)
-DUI/Junkies News

For Home Team Advantage (Our Sports Portal):
-NCAA Football (Let Us Know What Conference you want to Cover)
-Olympic Sports & News
-Football/Soccer (FIFA & MLS)
-Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts/Wrestling – Contact Sports
-Other – Horse Racing, Skateboarding, Sports not Otherwise Covered
-International Sports (Rugby, Cricket, etc)

For Everyone Has One (Our Opinion Portal):
-Religion (looking for 4 People – 1 Christian, 1 Atheist, 1 Spiritual but Non-Religious Person, 1 Eastern Religion)
Note: Passion about your religion is fine but derogatory and hateful posts will be banned!
-Human Rights

For Violent & Stupid (Our News Portal):
-Political/Election News
-Weird & Stupid News
-World News
-Crimes & Violence
-Crimes against Children

When you apply, please pick ONE section you’d like to write for and let us know what that section is. If per chance the section has been taken we will accept your application for one runner up category. Please list which is your primary category of choice and which is your second choice. Please pick a category that you can commit to writing for regularly. If you cannot commit to providing regular content you will not be making any money and we will not have a need for you.

We ask that you write a minimum of five posts per week. More is better as it will make you more money and give you more opportunities to have ads on your pages.

In the future, we plan to increase our payment model and offer incentive bonuses as our site grows. Those who have been with us the longest will see the first payment increase and bonuses will be given. At the present time we cannot tell you when bonuses will start being given or the payment system will change. For now, the Adsense model applies until further notice.

Please do NOT send resumes when applying. Instead, send 2-3 samples of your work that shows off your skills in the area in which you’d like to write (links are preferred or post the samples in the body of the email). Emails with attachments WILL BE ignored and deleted. If you do not have writing that shows off your skill in the area of your choice, then the closest samples to the subject matter of choice will be accepted. You must be 18 years old and proficient in English. We will be looking for those who know how to use spell check. Exceptional grammar skills are a major plus.

To apply, please contact us at: LI Blog Jobs