Bloody minidisc

ok, we had a presentation last week in London and the company down there who took charge of providing big screens and microphones has sent us the soundtrack from the event…on a minidisc

WTF? A minidisc…what were these popular for a week or something?

Anyway we contacted them to send us a cd instead but they said they couldn’t because the discs they’ve sent us are the only copies. We could send them back but we don’t have the time so after an appeal around the company for someone to bring in a minidisc player, we got 3. But we don’t have a clue what to do with them???

I know it works with an audio cable that you connect to the disc (most of which seems to be walkmans) and then to the pc, but is it as simple as copying the files over and then converting them to mp3?
If not how do we do it?
Am I right on how easy it is to connect it to a pc?
Does anyone know a good freeware program that will switch whatever format is on the minidisc to mp3 (or another format)?

the soundtrack is going to be added to the site as a downloadable track and maybe added to a flash movie.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.