Bloody stuck on with my menu

Hi All

Been building a xml menu with the help of coder for a educational course i am doing but have gotten stuck with some issues now and cant figure out how to go about fixing them, so i was wondering if any of the guru’s around here could help me out at all.

The main issues i have at the moment which i cant get my head around are:

  1. When a menu item has sub-menu item it should have a (+) sign on its right-hand side to indicate that is has another hierarchy level. At the moment the icon only shows up when the parent node is rolled over.

  2. When you rollover such a menu item it should have a rollover state (darker gray) and the (+) sign should change to a (-) sign, indicating that it can be folded.

  3. When the menu is open (visible) and you click outside of it, it should close.

I have linked to my test build for the flash, if anyone has any idea on how to go about this, it would be much appreciated.