Board game - need help urgently!

I’m trying to create a board game with pawns. I’ve just started so there’s only one pawn. I’ve created a playing board with fields which I named node0, node1 etc.

When roll a dice a pawn is supposed to go to the field according to the dice number. The problem is that I don’t know how to create function to achieve gradual movement of a pawn!!!

The part of my function move_peon(), which is called with dice rolling:

function move_peon() {
[INDENT]//current position of the pawn
var curr_index = start_number - dice_number;
curr_position = _root.map_mc["node" + curr_index];
//new position of the pawn (the one the pawn should move to after rolling a //dice)
new_position = _root.map_mc["node" + start_number];
//moving the pawn
_root.map_mc.peon1._x = new_position._x;
_root.map_mc.peon1._y = new_position._y;

The part “moving the pawn” in the code is the problem. I’ve tried with the counter but achieved the same effect as on this way - the pawn is quickly moved to the new position, but I would like it to move step by step through the fields between the first and the last “node”. This function is called within rollDice() function.

If anybody is willing to help me I would be grateful!!


tween class…google search this forum

if you mean move through a grid system step by step this could also be achieved however you would have to regulate “gotonexttile” function in the tween

I make it sound so easy