Book Pages Effect

I need help getting started with creating a book…like page flip effects and everything. It’s a new layout I’m going to make.

Now, I read through all of the other questions pertaining to mine, and didn’t find any tutorials…I did however find 1 site that has the exact effect that I want to obtain.


I’ve downloaded and tried out the page flip effect here:

But it’s not what I want. First, if I can just get some help on how to start out with creating pages and then I’ll go from there.

So, how do I start? I know it deals with masking, but I don’t know where to exactly begin. I’m starting from scratch, creating my own pages, etc. …So, can someone help me out here? How do I create the pages?

The only other time I use masks is in photoshop, so is dealing with masks the same in Flash?

Thanks for any help.