Boolean help

I had posted earlier about a question and am still having problems on how to solve it.

My original post:
I have two movie clips on my main timeline. Inside each movie clip are the frame labels, “foreground” and “background”. On the foreground state, an image moves to the foreground of the viewable area by use of a motion tween. On the background state, the image moves back to the background of the viewable area. This is set up similar to an advanced rollover.

From the main timeline, I can click on each mc to make it move back and forth. My next step is to create a variable and an if, then statement to check and see if one of the mc’s has moved to the foreground state. If it has, then it needs to move back to the background to allow the other mc to take it’s place.

I’m pretty sure this is possible, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. When I create the variable, should it have a string or should it be a boolean? Do I need more than one variable? Within my if, then statement can I target a frame label inside a movie clip from the main timeline?

So, when I click on mc2, check to see if mc1 is on the “foreground” state. If it is, then move mc1 back to the “background” state, and move mc2 up to the “foreground” state.

Eventually, this will become about 6 or 7 mcs that will need to check and see if any are in the foreground, and if so, to move them back so that the selected mc can move up and swapp out the current mc. Make any sense?

After receiving a suggestion to use a Boolean variable, I placed in the following code:

girl2_mc.onRelease = function() {
if ( girl1_mc._currentframe == 21 ) {

But, I’m still not getting it to work. Here is a link to my fla:

thanks for any help that can be offered.