Bootstrap Forms - Help please

Hi All,

Im looking for some help on how forms work within bootstrap… Im currently playing about with this theme…

I only know very basic html/css and I cant see how the form works… When you type in your email and press submit where does the information go/get stored?

I’m currently assuming it doesn’t go anywhere and nothing happens as i cant see no PHP files within the theme so im guessing the form is just there for visual purpose.

so how do i get it to work and save the information in… a) a database or b) email the information to a specific person…?

Thank you for any help

You are correct in that the form on the page that you reference doesn’t do anything. I suggest that you look at the following page for a quick review of working with forms:

Basically, there is an “action” attribute on the form which sends the data to a back end program on your server to process this data. That program can put the information into a database or email it.

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thank you, that helped a-lot.
got it up and running now. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that.