Bootstrap Responsive Navbar

So, working on another page, and I’m trying to make it so that the navbar becomes the overused hamburger we all know and love using bootstrap.

One big issue I’m having is that even customizing bootstrap to my needs, the included CSS overwrites or conflicts with the theme of the page! I’d rather not spend hours looking through and tweaking everything just to get it to play nice.

Are there any other alternatives for responsive navbars?

I tried creating a pure CSS menu, and it worked, but not having the navbar close or move out of the way requiring additional user input is far too much of inconvenience to impose on someone browsing.

The rest of the site is a bit of a nightmare in terms of scaling on a mobile device, but I can deal with that later. Getting the navbar down is critical!

Can you show an example of what you have so far? There may be simpler alternatives using media queries and a little bit of trickery.

Will do once I’m back in my home office.

On my decaying Macbook at the moment with no access to anything!

Haven’t had a chance to do much on this, so I’ve temporarily shelved this project. It’s not going anywhere anyway.

Bootstrap is cool stuff, but man it’s not worth the headache if you really gotta customize it.

I’m most likely going to make it all myself using javascript.