Boston Multimedia Collective (AS)

I am looking for a young talent just starting out to partner with me to create 1 or 2 high end projects.

1 of these can be your “pet project” if you have something good in mind. I have a small multimedia team assembling that already includes Hi-Def video capabilities, and a very advanced sound designer. We also will be working with some Swift 3D.

Mostly we are missing 1 link, and that is a decent AS’er. I am okay but considering the level of talent we have at every other postition it seemed that we should reach out to a coder if we can find one.

We are doing these first 2 projects to “get us on the map” then each project we get after that will pay comenserate with the work you were required to put in.

So if you are AS sweetness please drop me a line @ [email protected]

Portfolio not really needed as that is why we are doing this…to build one.