Bound Combobox with manual elements

Hi everyone, we’re a development team, and we’re pushing towards using the new flash forms for an upcoming project, so I decided to get my feet wet and build a few simple applications to learn the ropes… all in all, seems very close to traditional flash. Although I am having a problem I’m slightly stuck on.

I have a combobox being populated from a bound XMLconnection component, and that’s working fine. What I need to do is add a row at the top of the box that says “Show All” with a value of “all”. I’ve tried using the component inspector label and value fields, but by binding to a data source, I seem to be overwriting the row I put in the inspector.

I’ve also tried adding that one row to the combo on (load) for that screen using the addItem actionscript. Same problem.

Is this possible with the XMLConnector component, or should I go back to doing it all actionscript with the XML class, and loop through the data?

Thanks for input,