Boundaries In Flash MX

Could somebody please help me with the problems I am haiving with my flash boundaries. I made a simple RPG game, pretty similar to the Stick RPG game. so far on the map I have only drawn a crappy house which i converted to an MC. what I need to to is stop the character from walking over the house and put some sort of boundaries code in to stop him from walking over it.

If anybody could please help me that would be great. below you can download a copy of the .fla file to try working on.

[url=“”]Download here

what, are you joking? the fla is rather… empty… :puzzled:

…ok then, I don’t know what the **** happened there but i’ll get it sorted.

Yea it’s blank, you sure you uploaded the right one?

you can also just post some code.

Right thats the fla file sorted now, so all you wonderful people can help me with the boundaries code.