Box2D PhysExplosion

Ive been trying to port a physexplosion function from C to AS3 and im getting a bit stuck and i was hoping that someone could help me out .

Here is my code so far,

private function PhysExplosion(locationPnt, Radius, Force)
            var Sector:b2AABB;
            Sector.lowerBound.Set(locationPnt.x-Radius, locationPnt.y-Radius);
            Sector.upperBound.Set(locationPnt.x+Radius, locationPnt.y+Radius);
         var k_bufferSize:Number = 10;
         var buffer:Array = new Array(k_bufferSize);
            var count:int = m_world.Query(Sector, buffer, k_bufferSize);
            for (var i:int = 0; i < count; i++)
               var Body:b2Body = buffer*.GetBody();
               var BodyPos:b2Vec2 = Body.GetWorldCenter();
                        var HitVector:b2Vec2 = (BodyPos.x - locationPnt.x,BodyPos.y - locationPnt.y);
               var Distance = HitVector.Normalize(); //Makes a 1 unit length vector from HitVector
               if ((Body.IsDynamic())&&(Distance<=Radius))
                  var HitForce = (Radius-Distance) * Force; //TODO: This is linear, but that's not realistic.
                                Body.ApplyImpulse(HitForce * HitVector, Body.GetWorldCenter());


My errors seem to be with declaring the hitVector and applying it. Any help would be greatly apreciated