BranchMenu F'ed Up

hey guys, im not sure what is exactly wrong with my stupid menu. when i click the buttons, they are supposed to move down to show the sub menu’s but its not happening. i put up the swf and fla at this site…hope someone can help me! i only did part of the menu to test if even 1 button is working, since its not, it would be silly to continue…\r\\r\r:smokin: scott

ok…got part of my problem fixed…now i got a new problem, how do i set it up in dreamweaver so that the menu loads only once on the left side of the screen. should i be using frames and if so, how would i do this! i’m still learning dreamweaver and flash so any help would be appreciated! do i set frame at left…but then how do the other pages load into the right side…hmm…any help please and i’m gonna go try stuff\r\r:smokin: scott