Break application into small peaces , will that help performance ?

Hello guys
I have an application , I’ve used Adobe animate CC , Lots of ane’s , greensock , lots of classes …
And I have a very low fps and I’m really worried about performance !

If i break the app into small peaces , will that help ?
Cause i might need to use some of the classes again , and the create an swf ,
then load that into my main swf , I don’t know if thats the right thing
to do ? what do you think ?


Small pieces will generally not help with performance. In fact, it can hurt it depending on what you’re doing - though usually not so much that it would be considered a bad idea. The payoffs of having maintainable, DRY code usually far outweighs any small performance impact it has (if any). Largely you want to ignore performance until it becomes a problem, then tackle the bottlenecks that are affecting you the most.

This is what you need to do: determine what about your application is causing the poor performance. Often its not even code related, rather rendering. Then you would want to add some caching and other techniques to help speed that up. Here’s some reading material:

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