Breast Cancer

The women of Marin County (affluent county just north of SF) have a much greater occurrance of breast cancer, and the kids have a huge occurrance of autism.

I have my theories, I’m sure Phil has his, what about ya’ll?


Probebly it’s more likely a combination of many different things in average cases. If I see an area that has a higher than normal rate my first guess is always polution. Without knowing anything about the area though it’s a completely uneducated guess at best.

In my mind, it’s hard to blame this one on polution, since Marin County is essentially all residential and has an enormous amount of open space (right on the coast). However, the type of polution could be different (exhaust of all of those SUV’s burning higher octane gas =) ) or maybe it’s all of the organic stuff they eat… =)

The high autism rate scares the hell out of me…


That’s a tough one. Like I said… I don’t know much about the area.

Perhaps it’s alien experiments… any “loss of time” issues?

Not that I know of… that’s why I think it has something to do with BMW’s and “organic veggies.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s just the order of the universe acting in vengeance because most of the residents were hippies who stayed out of the war by going to school forever… :cool:


Problem is, if you believe everything teh doctors tell you is bad for you, you might as well keel over and die now. Sweets are bad for you, meat is bad, carbohydrates are bad, mobile phones are bad, comuters are bad, cars are bad… There was even an article a few weeks back about vegetables being bad for your health. I mean for crying out loud…

i knew a woman who had had breast cancer. she was from upstate new york, near woodstock. apparently there’s a high rate of breast cancer there. here doctor was doing a study which she got involved in. she said if you took a map of incidence of breast cancer in the usa, and a map of pesticides in the environment, it would be the same map. her area was loaded with ddt and dde.

yeah, i have no idea about the validity of the study, but it’s interesting. it would make sense that chemicals designed to kill bugs wound up killing humans too.


can’t be the water since they get the same water as the rest of the majority of the Bay Area… :-\ It is also quite a distance from any major amount of farming.

They used to think that the high rate of cancer was due to the fact that more women in Marin get scanned… they have now determined that this is not the case… :-\



I still think it comes from the preserved leather in BMW’s and high end SUV’s… :stuck_out_tongue: sort of…