Bright Systems Website is finally done

Hey everyone,
some of you might remember a while ago when i was trying to come up with a identity for a company called Bright, a company that was trying to go up against the likes of SGI and Autodesk. I dont know if they will ever get to that point but I really wanted them to have a professional look. So pretty much this is the website I came up with I wanted something that was really clean and emphasized the products even though servers arent that great to look at. Anyways i think it came out okay take a look and give me some thoughts.[url=“”]

I also want to give a thousand thanks to the following people that really helped me with this project and who i still owe a lot to:

DDD the logo man thanks so much for steering me in the right direction i was having a hard time narrowing down what i wanted and you gave me some excellent help man. Thanks and i know i still owe you.

Kristopher Thanks for the great drop shadow tut and the constant help you provided to someone who was bugging the hell out of you.

Simplistik thank you so much for trying to show me the grandeur of CSS I swear even though im using a hybrid for this design :sigh: that I will never design a site again that doesnt use it more extensively. Thanks alot man