British forum

A while ago, on this forum, someone told me about a British based flash/design forum. To be honest I didn’t like it, thought everyone was a bit…rude and arseholes to be frank (well at least the 3 members I spoke too) but they had a job offers section which was a bit more relevant to myself
(being in Britain of course :beam: )

if I remember correctly its name consisted of 2 words, the first I think was Digital or Design or something like that. Don’t remember the second name but the sites logo in the corner, when you rolled over it the second name would change to say things like flash, photoshop, ideas, create…anyone know the site I mean. It had a white background and an odd other colour (might have been pink or purple) by the way I’m not 100% sure on any of these facts, it’s just what my memory is telling me.

anyway I was wondering if you’re the person who told me about it or if someone knows the site I’m talking about, remind me of the address…please :hugegrin: