British web designer looking for a challenge

Hi! my names Adam Naiff and i live in the uk. i’ve been designing seriously for only about three months or so but i already feel increadibly comfortable using HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS, Flash, PHP and ASP with MS access intigratoin. For the moment i’ve been busing myself with small projects for friends but so far i’ve not had to acctualy push myself to meet expectations and learn about some of the finer details that you only come across while making something more complex.
I have a pretty strong passion for all mannor of web work, and i’m very eager to start putting my knowledge into something worthwhile, and to start learning from someone who really knows what they’re doing.
if you think i might be able to help you please reply :slight_smile: i have a few pages to show, but nothing remotely close to a full portfolio of my abilities.
Regards, Adam Naiff