Broken tutorial links

Doesn’t navigate to the next one in the sequence i.e. diving into sets

At the top of the page it says
[an error occurred while processing this directive] when viewing the above link on Chrome

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Oh! Thanks for pointing this out. I will see what is going on here :grinning:

Hi @Shriram - I have fixed the links, but I will admit that this tutorial is one that is in heavily due for a rewrite. The techniques shown here predate some of the better methods available for filtering such as the appropriately named filter method: Mapping, Filtering, and Reducing Things in an Array


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Cool. Thank you and for all your efforts in the website upkeep and of course the initiative itself.
I meant mobile Chrome when I wrote Chrome in the post

I see. Got it.
Thank you for this detailed and very helpful informative response

next to [here] below

A More Optimized hideOrShowItems Function

Kyle Murray (aka Krilnon) has created a version of the hideOrShowItems loop that uses the array’s filter method and avoids using a for loop altogether. You can find more about it [here] ( kirupaForum )

It’s from Filtering Items In A List |