Browser compatibility.

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a project and made the mistake of not checking if it was working well often enough. Now I made a lot of work and found out that things went really wrong in some browsers. Now I have to go over the css to see whats causing the problem, is there a easy way to find out what’s not working well in the browser ?

The one I’ve used in the past is They do a good job of providing with a view of how your page looks across a variety of browsers.

Just out of curiosity, what types of cross-browser issues are you running into? Are these on primarily older browsers?


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This one is on Opera, how it is suposed to look:

This is on Firefox:

And Chrome:

There are also some Javascript functions that could be causing a problem, and I’m not the one who made them D: hahaha It’s going to be a pain to pinpoint the problem.

Is the biggest issue the speech bubble pointer going over some text in Chrome?

I supose I could hide that pointer under the bubble, but on Firefox the problem seems to be diferent, and there are other pages being afected.