Browser NOT LOADING MOVIE? (loadMovie)

I have a main movie which loads a movie into a target clip via

loadMovie("adminMenu.swf", "", "POST");

It works offfline, but when I publish the main movie as a html and view it through the browser the loadMovie function doesnt seem to work anymore!!?? i.e. it doenst load the swf’s into the target clip.

are you sure ‘adminMenu.swf’ is uploaded and in the same path as the main flash file? also, make sure the case of the characters is the same, in case your server is unix-based…

Thanks, I ended up solving one of my problems. It turns out that taking out the “POST” paramater in my loadMovie() function fixed it. Strange I thought, but never the less it works, now all I have to deal with is browser caching. When I reload my movies with new vars from my mysql db (via php scripts) it seems they are stuck with the results of the previous values, no matter if I unload then reload the swf. I guess my browser is caching the swfs and when it see’s that my movie asks to reload a movie of the same name it just loads the movie from its cache.
Brainy you know any decent ways to control a browsers cache? So that the browser doenst cache my movie?

Thanks Kax :), :thumb:

But how would I exactly use this on my below AS?

Senoc is just a pure mastermind! Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate this noCache prototype…

MyMenu = new LoadVars();
			MyMenu.load('');//make list of examples in db
			MyMenu.onLoad = function(success)
				trace("function MyMenu.onLoad");
					tracer = "inside mymenu success 'if(success)'";
					//loadMovie("adminMenu.swf", 1, "POST");
					tracer = "Failed to create menu";

Like so!?

yup, that would work. essentially, you could just do:

loadMovie("adminMenu.swf?rand="+new Date().getTime(),

hmm yeah true brainy but im a big fan of the prototype and re -usability :D, So have u used caching control like this before? (for movies using loadMovie embedded in html’s)