Btn disabled

Hello everyone…

Ok I have 6 button call m1-m6…ok my problem is how to disabled button when one of the button being press…and also stt.text will display crrently selected button…coz currently when I press the button it never stated and also 'stt.text ’ also show nothing…any help would be appreciated…

tq again!

this is the code I’m using…


//-------loop through button---------//
for (var i = 1; i<7; i++) {
	this["m"+i].ivar = i;
	this["m"+i].onRollOver = overMe;
	this["m"+i].onRollOut = outMe;
	this["m"+i].onPress = selectMe;

function overMe(p) {
	stt.text = "card type no :"+"  "+this.ivar;

function outMe(q) {
	stt.text ="";
function selectMe(r) {
	stt.text = "card type no :"+"  "+this.ivar;