Bubble Struggle is a Fully Dashing Game

A typical aim and shooting flash game in which the player takes on the avatar of a devil character is the bubble struggle. The devil is supposed to shoot down dangerous bubbles, zanily dressed in a black trench coat, orange shorts, and a yellow shirt. You need to be shot into smaller sizes cause, bubbles come in a variety of sizes and when shot at, eventually disappear.

Bubble Struggle ensures that all players need to do is shoot at a variety of colorful balls, though it a very simple game. The game seems to be simple, but it is not much simple as it appears. The Bubble Struggle’s first challenge is the fact that the only track in which you, as the devil, can shoot is upwards. It is difficult for shooting the bubbles, because they are moving in a lot of different directions and are often horizontal with the devil himself.

Bubbles of any shape and size might prove to be fatal to the unfortunate devil, which is the additional difficulty of this game. The Bubble Struggle game gives the devil two extra lives, letting him die twice in the attempt to master the level it is another more exiting sight of this game.

The Bubble Struggle game has several levels; each increasing in complexity is the story about the game. To get used to the abilities of the devil and prepare one to play the game is the strategy of the first stage. The first level is pretty domesticated and not too much fast because in that level the devil has to clear just one bubble. During firing, bubble splits into two smaller balls that fade away as soon as they are blast by the mischievous sprite. Really shooting games are really very much favorite for the gamer who plays PC-games and networking PC-gaming is getting much popular during these times.

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