Bubbles.... need changeing

hey, now ya know the open source with the bubble i was wondering if you (the guy who made them) change it so instead of going up the go across the screen (left to right)\r\rif this can be done please reply or email me\r\r [email][email protected][/email]

Just change all the references of “_y” to “_x”\r\rthat should work, if it’s action script.

actually there is a second more easy way of doing this.\r\rTake all of the frames that are related to the bubbles. Select them and choose menu option “Cut Frames”\r\rCreate a new Movie clip. Use “Paste Frames” inside this movie clip.\r\rDrag the movie clip to the stage, and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.\r\rAll action script reacts in accordance with the Movie Clip’s x and y, not the stage. If you rotate it, it will will go from left to right instead of bottem to top. Likewise you can flip it upside down and have the bubbles go down from the top.

that was my movie, and yes, you can make it go left to right, and i actually did for one of my older footers in another forum:\r<embed src=http://www.danalu.com/flash/new_foot.swf width=300 height=50 wmode=transparent>\r\rthe code will come when i find it.

yeah thanks guys, il check back soon!\r\rbut i gotta go right now!\r\rthanks Thorp\r\rtDF

Where can I find the opensource for the Bubbles?\r\rThanks,\rJohn Ziebro\rLiquid Genius

click the open source link on top of the screen.

hey Thorp, have you managed to get the source for the left to right bubbles?\r\rall the help is greatly recieved\r\rcheers

ok.\rthere should be a source link for that movie.\ropen it up and look at the code for the bubble.\rwhere it says “_y = Math.sin…” change that to “_x = Math.sin…” (not literally, just change y to x). then change “_y -= ymove” to “_x += ymove”.\r\rif that’s not good enough for you, i’ll still look for that fla, but that’s the basic idea with the footer i have shown above.

cheers throp :slight_smile: \r\rthats great\r\rTDF

cheers dude thats great\r\rTDF