Hi. I’m new to this board, and to Flash 5. The other day I found an example and a tutorial on how to make bubbles, or butterflies, or whatever appear and raise randomly in the flash file and now, I cleared my history and I can’t find it. I know there was a post here somewhere, but I looked thru all 20 pages and couldn’t find it, cuz i’m a moron. but any help would be appreciated.


Sure it was here ?

i might be mistaken, i thought someone posted a link to a page that showed how to do it and i thought it was here, but college has warped my brain, and my thought process is a little messed up.

also i am trying to make an effect that looks like an EKG? anyone know how to do that? or have any idea how to do that? i’m not very good w/ actionscripts but I’ll try anything…

EKG ? WTH is EKG ?
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lol an EKG is one of those machines doctors hook people up to and it shows your heartbeat…you know that like that pulses w/ yer heartbeat? it goes up and down until you die then it goes flat and makes a beeeeeeeeeep sound…thats an EKG…but i think i can make that effect w/ just masking and motion guides…pretty simple…i didn’t think of it til after I posted…sorry

Hey man, show some pity here. In my beautiful language, that thing’s called a stéthoscope. HTF was I supposed to get that ? :slight_smile:
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i wasn’t bein sarcastic or anything just tryin to exlpain. A stethoscope is the thing that hangs around the docs neck…the EKG is a huge machine that reads the heartbeat and then converts it into a visual output of lines thats spike with the heartbeat…

sorry if you thought i was sarcastic or mean…


No prob, Bob, I’m just trying to understand. Strange how people on this board think I’m getting mad when I’m not. OK, so that would be an électroencéphalogramme in French. EKG’s better (or was it EBG ? EBC ? dammit !)

In French it’s not stéthoscope, mon cher ilyas, c’est ecg (pour electro cardiogramme)…
Get it here: eyezberg.freesurf.fr/bioscan.zip

I have bubbles s’where, but have to look for them…

Electrocardiogramme ? Dammit !!! I’m just too bad at French too…
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Dear your not Jubba,

Have some pity on the poor guy, he’s phrench ya know. And even though they brought to us the likes of Louis Pastuer and homogenization they haven’t kept up with us American type inventions. Matter of phact I read an article the other day saying phrance just got their phirst EKG last week in the Paris Hospital.


That must be a mistake. They’re planning it for 2045.
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Senior Lamasse,
You crack me up, oh boy…Im still laughing…See the high cost of Socialism? Your country should try that Green Statue thingy, ya know, give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses and I will give you rest…

I have something for you. That file. Give me a call @ 148697104 and, ‘I swear it shall be done’…You too Pom. Ring me won’t you? You both know my number.


Thanks Eyzeberg. that helps a lot.