Bug when playing short MP3's: ideas?

Hi there!
I’m a bit new to this forum & Flash, but I’m facing
a minor peculiarity and I really can’t figure it out.
when playing a short MP3 (<1 sec) it “speeds” up
the output. When i use another mp3 which is longer,
it doesn’t… Why?

Here’s the script. (stupid test script)
mySound = new Sound();
mySound.loadSound(“406.mp3”, true);

here’s some info on the mp3
Size: 3192 bytes
Header found at: 0 bytes
Length: 0 seconds
MPEG 2.0 layer 3
56kbit, 19 frames
24000Hz Joint Stereo

is there a reason your using a script? why not just import to the timeline or a movie clip and let it play?

I’ve not seen that behavior, but here’s something to try. You have the sound loading as streaming. If it’s a short sound, load it as an event:

mySound.loadSound(“406.mp3”, false);

This will give you more control over the sound as well. With it loaded as an event, you could even specify:

mySound.onSoundComplete - to control exactly when the next activity occurs.