Build entire site within Flash MX?

Ok, was wondering if it is possible to created an entire website within Flash MX, or would other programs be required to help create a site? I have been debating purchasing Flash MX and I have seen some of the things that can be accomplished with it. Although I am not very proficient with Flash, I wish to learn it. Can anyone give me some insight as to if it’s possible, and if so where I can find useful information on learning Flash MX and designing Websites with it. Either URL’s or Books, need something for beginner through advanced. I just want to be make sure before I purchase a copy of Flash that it’s going to do what I need it to. Thanks for any advice … :cool:

I built mine (the paco one on my banner) in flash 5, so yes, it is possible and relatively easy - easier than raw html anyway
as for books on flash mx, i don’t know what’s out already
give it time for a book to come out if you feel you’ll need it, but i learned enough from poking around in flash 5 to do almost anything that you’d need for a website (and i’m sure that you’d be able to do the same with mx)

I believe Kir is making a tute about making a whole site with Flash, if he’s not too busy with school.

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Well, I have decided to get myself a copy of MX and I am going to see how it goes. Hopefully I can get something up and running smoothly. If anyone happens to find any good books or other material, please let me know. Thanks again for the information as well.