Build website using Flash

I am building a website using Flash and would like to put
different pages into different .swf files. How can I link different
.swf files in a website? Do I need to use GetURL? Is there
any way other than GetURL?

Thanks in advance.

nope i will soon be undertaking this same project and i wastkin to kirupa a few weeks back an he is writing a tutorial about it howto build a full flash site he told me how to do it but i forgot u build your nav bar and the on each button u pu sum code i would ask kirupa

you could use frames and getURL, I did that for my site, basically because I wanted to complete my site quickly.

I personally think the better way is using the Loadmovie() method, which allows you to load in different swf files in you main .swf file

i gotta say wolf as wellursiteis cool i was on itb4 the loaders are cool

I think the best way is to have a blank swf on your 1 page html, and have the other external swf’s load and unload into that blank using the loadMovie and unloadMovie functions. you would only need one html page this way. hope this helps…JesseH

Thanks a lot! I am trying to use loadMovie in my website.