Building a Flash MX Projection, questions

Hi there,
I need to make a projection, a sort of slide show that will be showed in a big wall in front of 400 peoples. [ no web use ]
It won’t be difficult ( i hope ), i am not gonna use lots of script , just some animation and about ( 50 --> 100 ) pictures ( good quality ).
I need to put at lest 4/5 songs in it .
I saw an example time ago from the same guy i am working now and the SWF was made by a very big Media studio, nothing compared with me and my laptop and i notice something strange.
Those guys made a Main SWF with some external SWF .
Main = 25 MB
others swf = around 15/20 MB each.
Because of the swf sizes somethimes the projection it wasn’t really smooth.
The main swf has the flash player icon (!?)and when u click on it will open the movie FULL SCREEN.
So, some questions ?
Stage size matters ??
swf suggested size ? ( don’t know what type of CPU will handle the stuff)
I can i make the main movie looks like the f. player ( just swapping the icon…i don’t think so) ?
Any suggestion about the music ( mp3 ), can i just drop some song on the main timeline ?
I am terribly afraid that my movie will be stretched on the wall and the pics will look horrible.I can’t make tests , so i need to know if what i see on my 14" screen will be the same in a big wall.
I know vectors animation does not have problems but as i said before i got some dubts x the pics.
Please any suggestion will be well accepted.
ps = Jubba were r u gone ??

usually if we r making a projector/presentation file we would make the stage about 800*600 with an fscommand in it…

obviously you can size it to whatever you wish…

as far as your images go, publish them at 100% in your export settings.

the images that are imported can be of a decent size and you can scale to suit.

bcoz the main timeline is where everything is happening and your not constrained to the file size for the web maybe loading your music from an external swf is an idea if you feel that this will be the best option for you in terms of processor power.

you could also place it on the main timeline

or attach code that will make it fade out at a particular point and fade in a new sound which will play at the next piece of your presentation and link it from the library

as far as the image quality goes it will depend on how big the screen that it will be presented on to is…

some images will look better than others but bcoz the main movie will be getting scaled up to suit the final size of the projected image some interpolation will occur (at least i think that is the technical term 4 it!)

basically your image might look brilliant on your screen when you r working in flash, but may look pixel8d on the final projector screen

hope this is of some use 2 u

wow man thanks for the tips.
FScommand in it u mean for the full screen ?


it will scale to the size you have specified but shouldn’t create any distortion i.e. text etc…

here is your badboy

fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

ok cheers!
in the mainwhile i went to the bookshop & i get a flashMX A S book.
i am using flash since one year but i still ignore most of A.S.-
by the way do u know action script well enough to solve a very trycky problem ??