Building a php scripts dropdown: “edit profile” and “search” for members

Building a social network and I want my members to be able to **edit profile and search **for other members from a drop down menu. Select (highlight) / Search / Enter
I don’t have my website up and running so, I’m not sure if my php entries are correct.
Could you take a look please to see if I’m missing anything?
I have the following two…
#1. edit_profile.php
<td width=“36%” class=“totheright”><strong> <span class=“boldtext”>Work Status</span>:
<select name=“workstatus” class=“formFields”>
<option value="<?php print “$workstatus”; ?>"><?php print “$workstatus”; ?></option>
<option value=“Retired”>Currently Employed</option>
<option value=“Retired”>Retired</option>
<option value=“Retired”>Diff Career</option>
<td width=“14%”>
<input name=“parse_var” type=“hidden” value=“workstatus” />
<input type=“submit” name=“button7” id=“button7” value=“Submit” /></td>

#2. search_profile.php

<tr><td height=“100” class=“style7”><div align=“right”>Work Status:</div></td>
<select name=“mydropdown”>
<option value=“Currently Employed”>Currently Employed</option>
<option value=“Retired”>Retired</option>
<option value=“Diff Career”>Diff Career</option>
<hr />
Thanks, Scott