Bullet bar

Hi i have a bar of 6 bullets

1 2 3 4 5 6

when there all gone it ses reload

ive got all the frames worked out and everything but i need help with actionscript…

I thought when u click (shoot) on a enemy it cud set a variable -1.
when its at 6 “_root.bullets” frame is 7, when at 5 frame it 6 etc.

then when u press space it sets the variable to 6 which would make the frame 7

if you could help me with any or all of this i would be grateful

thx in advance,

okay, assuming you have 7 frames in MC with an instance of bullets…
where the 7th frame has 6 bullets,
6th frames has 5 bullets,
5th frame has 4 bullets,
4th frame has 3 bullets, 3rd frame has 2 bullets,
2nd frame has one bullet
and the first frame says reload…

put this AS on the main timeLine first keyframe:

numBullets = 6;
this.onMouseDown = function() {
	if (numBullets>=1) {
		numBullets -= 1;
this.onKeyDown = function() {
	if(key.isDown(key.SPACE)) {
		numBullets = 6;

That will do it…

thx so much!!!