Bumpy effect

i know a wee tad of flash and was wondering if someone could help me im doing a 3d style letter H and when i roll over parts of it i would like a cube to bounce out of the H sort in a riased effect with some text so you can click on it to take you onto a different scence or java script pop up window

Ta very muchy,
mr wuffles

can no one help me :frowning:

www.nicksjungle.co.uk/haze.html i had a go can anyone tell me where ive gone wrong please ? it’s driving me mad!

What are you trying to do in that fla ? Where’s the H ?

pom 0]

thats a bit of an H it’s missing the middle and the righthand side i want the individual bits to come out towards you when you roll over them so you can click them

For a start :
Put the same thing in the out, over, pressed states of your button. In the over state, turn it into a movie clip, and in that movie clip, make the button grow bigger with motion tweening.

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Good start though… it’s a very interesting idea. Do not give up… you’re right on the right track.

ive tried to use a tsunami effect should i try it as buttons instead or stick with what im doing?

cheers again,
mr wuffles