Bungie plan to realese new halo 2 maps (Xbox 360 Exclusives)

S’up Guys!
I was surfing bungie.net when i came across this story
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…Another bombshell that was dropped today was the announcement of upcoming new multiplayer maps for Halo 2. There are a ton of details we simply can’t reveal right now but we can confirm that this content will be coming out sometime next Spring and it will cost *something *to download. We can also confirm that this new content is only going to be available on Xbox 360and that you’ll need a hard drive to download them (which is also required to play Halo 2 on 360 anyways)…

I dunno about you guys but i really P1553D off about this, since i haven’t made the change (from xbox to 360) as I can’t afford it. :upset: They really know how to spoil Halo 2. Well, thats one less player of halo 2. Hello Far-Cry!