Business card and presentation

Hi all,

Has anyone ever made a business card or presentation using flash? I’ve been working on that and I’m bit stuck. I’d like to know what contents should be there and how to display them. Thanks.

what do u mean by contents here??
presentation is delivering information… the contents is what information u want to publish…

I already have information. All I want to know is what kind of information should be on the CD in general. Because I have never seen those digital business card before so I want to know the standard format.

the basic information i think :
[list]information about who u are…
services, what are u offering/ what u can do etc…
if anyone interested, how to make contact[/list]
there’s no limited and standard area here… people just don’t care…
the major thing is how to send information to the audience so they understand the content.

i noticed u already have the information, so what’s the big deal? u’re already have contents…

u could ore or less fit the entire contents of a site on them…

all the info anybody could ever want about a company/individual can be put on…

do something really snazzy for an intro…

on to the content…

knock yourself out with it…and your viewer…

and the beauty of it is you r not fighting against bandwidth…

good luck

as for the audience… it is important to definite it to mach the target market of your presentation by:
[] age
] social economy
[] culture
] any other aspect
so u can use the appropriate design, color, typhography, photography, sounds, or any other aspect to reach their attention.

something really snazzy for you does not mean anyone has the same opinion…:slight_smile:

as for the flash method, it is much smoother & recommended (by me) to publish your projector without loadMovie method, since projector in cd can’t use preloader… a little delay in it would have a minor value from audience… since they believe cd is fast media for sending data…

kaz make sure you do not include webpages that contain flash on a cdrom , and if you do download the macromedia shockwave plugin and make a redirect page that checks whether the user has the latest flash plugin installed otherwise they wont be able to view them

Some other things you have to have in mind

Make a readme in case some people have the autorun feature of their computer turned off

Make a hybrid cd if you can, so the cd will be viewable by both mac and pc users you want to have the largest audience possible and it makes you look more pro

try not to make it too processor intensive since its gonna be viewable on any computer some computers as slow as 133mhz and 300mhz macs running os9 and mac playback is mmore slower than on pcs

have a fast framerate atleast 30fps or 60fps the projector runs with like about a 2 to 5 frame rate loss

as to what info you can put the sky is the limit i use 180mb mini cdrs for digital biz cards which are great you can incorporate video audio 3d animations heck whatever you want so use this to your advantae and make a presentation that will impress theres no constraints when making a digital biz card jsut the ones i mentioned above that its goin to be viewable on diffrent computers some slow some fast so you want to make something that everyone can experience good luck :wink:

Thanks indojepang and grimdeath,

I finished a prototype yesterday and burned it as a hybrid cd. It seems cd works on both PC and Mac except that mac doesn’t play it automatically. I’ll follow the advices from you guys and put more graphical contents and remove any external movies.

I am doing one right now for a new product line.
I did not opt for the website on a cd, if thats the case their is allready a website on the web no need for one on the CD.

I purchased those little 50MB pocket CD’s, I built a Intro presentataion movie that sets the mood of what is to appear next, it has audio Background music that I created as well as narriation overlay. Its total size is around 5 MB mark, it then loads the Next Movie that has the core content.

I wanted to get accross what the website couldnt, I wanted to present the data in a format the web site couldnt, so I used alot of detailed information in Flash, the second movie that loads is around 33MB, the main Issue I am running into is that when it loads the 33Mb movie from CD Rom it’s not real fast.

But its pretty cool overall.

I did:

b.Core content
c.Cantact Info

if your file is less than 100Mb, u can use demonstration versions ofmacImage to make autorun in mac…

mac os x doesnt support autorun as a protective measure against viri so thats why i always include a readme

OMG i forgot to mention the most uber important thing you have to include on a interactive biz card kaz a exit button make sure you put a exit button so that the user can quit the presentation whenever he wants dont force the user to hit esc cause dont be surprised not everyone is a computer geek


Since I didnt have an idea what do put, I created exit button very first. Silly me…

include a readme…
why don’t i think of that?? thank’s GRIM:)

I created exit button very first. Silly me…

no it’s not silly… I prefer to put all my navigation @ the beginning, make it easily to navigate for the audience, so they won’t get any hard time with it…
u don’t want to make them upset with your super secret navigation wouldn’t u?..
put yourself as the audience to understand what they want & expect from this presentation…

As for using the .exe format i dont think you necessarily need to have any sort of plug-ins, i presented a flash project at school on a random computer that had only wind’hoes installed and everything went fine…

I use autorun.inf file to start first projector file and inside the projector file I use fscommand(“exe”,“file”); to launch other files.

yup but have in mind that running other projector files or a website while your projector is running will cause the computer to lag so thats why i suggested to have everything in the projector file so it all runs smooth and the computer no matter how crappy it may be will run it fine

To make it in single projector file, I remove all the external files. but now I have no idea to put those removed files. can attachMovie() be used instead? If I loadmovie from library using attachMovie(), it does same effect as loadMovie()?

yep remove all the external files, and try making the loaded movies movie clips and put them inside the main fla which is going to be the projector

if you wonder how in the timeline select all the frames, then right click and select copy frames, then hit ctrl+f8 and make a new mc, in the mc go to the timeline and right click then choose paste frames good luck :beam: let us know when your done