Business card opinions!

Ok, as some of u know Im designing a business card for my web design company, I decided to go for a simple design after asking here in kirupa about what to do, I dont know if u people like it, thats why im posting it, please tell me whats on ur mind, good? bad? anything! just tell me, its important cause thats the first thing some future client may see about my business, I need a very good first impression, k enough talk, thanks! :slight_smile:

I like it, it catches the eye nicely while keeping like a business card and staying professional.
The F_C smiley in the corner is sly but I don’t know if it fits with the sleekness of the rest of it.

thanks! the F_C smiley is our logo :stuck_out_tongue: I cant change that but thanks for saying it :slight_smile:

Don’t want to pop your bubble, but I would consider a new logo. Try using thicker lines that taper, like a cartoon, to give it more presence and make it more recognizable.

thanks for the suggestion but my business has been working for like 5 months now and I just cant change the logo right now, Ive been working hard to make it recognizable and a lot of people from my country has visited the site and notice it now, also I show that logo long time ago here in kirupa and almost everyone like it :slight_smile:

Haha! Chinchilla is a great name. It can either be a rodent or a very expensive piece of clothing. Go with the clothing one :P.

Anyways, the reflections for those 2 guys on the left is a great idea! I can imagine what it looks like on a real card :)! The only thing I would do, is where it says your name, the “Rafael E. Chinchilla Piedra” - I would make that text a little darker and more bold, this way it sticks out who you are and then you have your info on the bottom. Gives a nice touch.

Either way - great job :thumb:.

lol, thats the name of my brother :stuck_out_tongue: yes I prefer the clothing one :wink:

thats a good idea, make the text bold, the 2 guys are my brother and I, im the second :slight_smile:

Eh… hmmm… well I actually said a long time ago your logo was weak, the lines are to way to thin, and not impacting enough. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. Your card… well yea minimalistic is good on cards but I don’t think that you pulled it off very well. The use of bureau agency is way to overbearing too. I think there are a few stronger things that you could do to this, I could shoot a concept to you and see what you think… but it’ll cost you “1 millllion dollars”

no thanks, in fact u and ordin are the first 2 persons in kirupa that didnt like the logo :stuck_out_tongue: but u cant please everybody I guess…

Nevermind, thanks for the feedback, I´ll work more on it :thumb:

I like it. :thumb: Especially with the idea of making the names bold.

Seems like there’s a bit too much whitespace in the middle though… but maybe it’s just me.

[EDIT] Also, I almost expect the bottom of the text to be aligned with your brother and your feet. Like the text is sitting on the floor with you or something. Just an idea, I don’t know if it’ll look any better. :slight_smile:

that was something I was looking, too much white space…mmmm, maybe I can make the figures bigger…???

lol. Berkowitz I had no idea that you were the frame creation guy.

[SIZE=1]I too think you logo is weak. sorry bud.[/SIZE]

Anyways, I’m not really digging this design. Personally I don’t care for the font selection or colour. I’d never use orange and grey together like you have because it seems like you either hit or miss, you love it or hate it.

Also, 5 months is really just a blink and putting more effort into a new brand would pay 100 times the dividends of the efforts you’ll put forth trying to sell a weak image. [SIZE=1]sorry again[/SIZE]

I really liked that rally truck site you did [SIZE=1]unfortunately it’s better than your company site.[/SIZE]

I’m sorry if all this seems out of line but I honestly think that you have a lot of potential but you’re just a little rough around the edges.

EDIT: I’d also like to add: All kirupalas should know that when you don’t get a lot of comments on your work, it probably sucks. dodges flying tomatoes

What can I say, great minds think alike :to:

Also some ppl on this site have a hard time being honest too.

Simplistik you wanna throw some of your creative talent this way? I have 4 or 5 page layouts for a site that I’m just finishing up. They’re kinda weak right now. :rabbit: [SIZE=1]I seriously could use the help but I can’t give credit or pay.[/SIZE] :rabbit:

The characters are cool… but, 2 things…

if you make them bigger they will compete w/ the logo more than they already are

also, remember that bleed we were talkin about? well your characters are on the edge which means they will get chopped of on some press runs, move them like 3 points in that way you won’t get some cards where your hand is chopped off.

[SIZE=1]Canadian I don’t want to hijack the thread so I PMed you[/SIZE]

I already make the bleed thing but I edited the picture to make it look better :slight_smile: thanks for all the suggestions :thumb:

more feedback aprecciated as always

EDIT: CG…ur bad! lol but Im working in changing my site cause I noticed Im now a little bit better than before (or less worse :P)

I know 5 months are nothing but thanks god things are working out as I expected :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for the honesty :slight_smile:

I’m glad you can take some critism Berk.

In terms of developing skills five months is a long time. Of course you’re better now then you were then. Don’t be afraid to change it up, especially if you know you can do better.