Business site


I’m in the middle of creating a business site. Yes, the business is mine(wish me luck lol). Here is where i’m at so far on the site. Now, I think i’m pretty set in my style of the site(full browser, clean, fairly simple) as it is a business site and i can’t get too crazy with it, or can I?

A. About and services section? Too plain? Not enough? Just right?

B. Work section will have more pieces…is it effective?

C. Would you, if you were a client, would you think of us as a not good, good, or superior creative agency?

D. Running smooth? Any issues within your browser?

E. Any other ideas/suggestions?

be honest, i have no feelings lol

Oh, and the preloader font, how to I make that so that the font i want to use shows up on everyones computer?