Button / actionscript help

Is there a way to take a button, tell it to goto a specific scene, play the frames in that scene, then goto another specific scene… not in linear order… this way i can use the same transition scene for multiple buttons and still go to the scene i want the button to goto in the end ???

some thing like

if “button a” is pressed it goes to the “transition scene” then to “scene a”

if “button b” is pressed it goes to the “transition scene” then to “scene b”

so on and so forth…

I’m a reletive newbie at this … and i’m having trouble thinking up a solution based on my knowledge.


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I think it would be better to use a “transition movieclip” instead of a scene.

Run a search in this section for “transitions”

I don’t know if this is the best way to do it, but I just used something of that nature and it worked for me. In your actions, define a variable. At the end of your ‘transition scene’, put if statements on your timeline to tell it where to go:
on your first button:
var loc=1;
gotoAndPlay(“transition scene”);
then on your timeline at the end of the transition scene:
gotoAndPlay(“scene a”);
gotoAndPlay(“scene b”);

If that’s wrong, I hope someone chimes in so I can fix mine (teehee). I’m sure you could also do it with an array somehow.
Hope that helps!

i ddint find anything that looked like it would help me … nothing about transition movie clips …

so the variablie would be the name of the button instance ?

No, the buttons wouldn’t need instance names. Make a button, select it, right click on it and select actions. The actions window will open, that’s where you put the code. That ‘loc’ variable can be whatever you want. It’s just set so when the movie gets to the actions on the frame in the timeline, Flash will know where to go depending on what button was pressed (and what loc equals). This should help too, it’s a little different than what I did, but it’s a little better and there’s a tut:


ok i think i understand now… im going ot test it out tommorw.
sicne its late for me to really do this and think. thanks for hte help ill let u know how it works out. if anyone else has ideas still, lemme knwo !

OH yeah!! I forgot. I helped someone with that problem before. I didn’t do exactly what he was talking about, but the fla that I posted does something remarkably simular to what you want. It’s in here:



Freddy ! worked out marvelously t hanks !

Bueno - glad I could help!